Dragon Ball Fans Rages on Toei For Ignoring Dragon Ball Growth and Prioritising One Piece!

Toei animation has been making both Dragon Ball and One Piece but fans on X are angry on Toei for only prioritising One Piece while not doing marketing for new Dragon Ball Daima anime which is right around the corner.

Dragon Ball anime has been the highest earning anime by Toei animation from past many years but just a week ago One Piece outperformed it. This had to happen as One Piece keeps on airing new episode while Dragon Ball anime last aired 7 years ago.

One Piece fans need to realize that DB fans are upset not because One Piece is surpassing DB in popularity” it’s because Toei animation neglecting any short of advertising to push the franchise.

After all these year, Dragon Ball franchise is ready to air a brand new Dragon Ball anime named “Dragon Ball Daima” this year fall. But there’s no hype or no sign of anime because Toei animation are not doing any marketing for it. This leads to fans calling out Toei for prioritising neglecting Dragon Ball.

Toei is not right at all especially doing this during an anniversary year, however it’s sadly the nature of them. Dragon Ball is an extremely household name that you don’t need to market anymore. As long as people know more content is coming, money will follow in their eyes.

Here is what fans have to say:

This statement is very correct: “Toriyama’s last project before he died” is doing the thing that Toei should have done for the show.

Toei should really need to prioritize Dragon Ball in the respect of Akira Toriyama. Dragon Ball Daima was his last project and it should really be served well.

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