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Death Note Anime returning!? Shueisha filed a New Death Note anime trademark!

Death Note is arguably one of the best anime of its time and many anime fans got into anime after watching it. Now that there are rumors surfacing about its return or may be a whole new Death Note anime makes fans even more excited.

Rumors have surfaced that Shueisha, the publisher responsible for the Death Note series, has filed a new trademark related to the franchise. This news has sparked speculation among fans about the possibility of a new Death Note anime. While numerous fan theories are circulating about what this trademark could mean, it’s important to note that no official announcements have been made so far.

The project is titled “Death Note: Killer Within,” hints at the possibility of a new installment in the beloved 2000s franchise. Fans can look forward to further updates in the coming months.

Also, in case you missed, a second Netflix Live-Action Death Note series is in production with strangers things creators. The first Live-Action of this series was a flop among fans but with quality of Live-Action projects geting better over the years, this might be a good one to look forward to.

What are your thoughts about the return of Death Note anime? Comment down and let us know if there should be a new Death Note anime or return of original one.

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