Why Kaiju No. 8 went berserk against Isao Shinomiya? Kaiju No. 8 episode 11

Kaiju No. 8 anime has been going solid with the release of each episode. They have aired 11 episodes as of now and not a single one had a bad feedback from fans! The very recent episode 11 had fans at the edge of seat and left speechless following how Hibino Kafka went berserk with his Kaiju No. 8 transformation instead of proving himself as a human.

In the last episode, Vice Captain nearly lost to Kaiju No. 10 but thanks to Mina Ashido the crew was able to get rid from the terror of the giant kaiju. However, things did not go as expected, Kaiju No. 10 evolved into a very big time ticking bomb. This was something that no one would’ve been able to handle, except out protagonist, Hibino Kafka.

Hibino Kafka without a second thought went straight forward to save everyone risking his identity as Kaiju No. 8. Kafka little bit knew this identity reveal would end up with big consequences. Still, he went forward and took Kaiju No. 10 with him into far away from ground, right when everyone was ready to evacuate the city. This brave moment of Kaiju No. 8 saved the city including every member present there. But he ended up in custody!

Synopsis of Kaiju No. 8 episode 11:

This episode was divided into 2 half. Started little slow with showing how everyone cares about Hibino Kafka including Mina Ashido and Vice Captain.

Mina had a little talk with Hibino Kafka in which she mentioned, to not get executed Hibino Kafka have to prove he his a human not Kaiju. Later in the second half of episode, Isao Shinomiya makes his appearance in front of Kafka to prove he is not a human by forcing him to transform fully into Kaiju no. 8.

Why Kaji No. 8 went berserk?

Isao Shinomiya pushed Hibino Kafka to his limits by throwing very heavy hits that even costed Kafka his limbs cut apart from his body. To survive and not die in this situation Kaiju No. 8 took control over the body.

The equipments Isao Shinomiya was wearing were made from Kaiju No. 2 remainings. This made Kafka felt like he’s fighting a Kaiju and this felling triggered Kaiju No. 8’s primal instinct. Right after this Kaiju No. 8 fully appeared with a very strong aura sending signals that he’s gonna go for direct kill.

The episode ended right when Kaiju No. 8 rushed toward Isao Shinomiya. Now every fans wants to see how Kafka is going to prove he’s a human not Kaiju after what just happened.

Well, for that we have to wait next week for Episode 12. Let us know how was your experience with the recent episodes. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more regular quick anime & manga news updates.

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