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Gordon Ramsay To React To “Food Wars” Anime Petition Making Moves!

Food War anime fans are filling petition for Gordon Ramsay to watch and react to Food Wars anime because it makes sense as the main character in anime also strives for culinary greatness in intense cooking.

Gordon Ramsay, a British chef and TV personality, is famous for his Michelin-starred restaurants, fiery demeanor, and popular cooking shows like “Hell’s Kitchen” and “MasterChef.” You guys must have heard about him from somewhere for sure.

Now, Food wars anime features intense cooking battles where contestants showcase their culinary skills, creativity, and passion for food. With a mix of comedy, drama, and food appreciation, “Food Wars” captivates audiences with its unique blend of culinary artistry and storytelling.

The plot of Food Wars anime sounds familiar, right? Gordon Ramsay is famous for his cooking skills and he even got featured as a Judge in many cooking tournament shows.

The petition started 3 years ago but it recently started gaining traction. So, if you want to support the petition just hit the petition link here.

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