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Wind Breaker Anime Has Surpassed Tokyo Revengers In Ratings on MAL

Since the release of first episode of Wind Breaker anime fans have been claiming it to be a much better version of Tokyo Revengers in terms of story, fight scene, protagonist etc. Well, they might be right because just after the release of 2nd episode, Wind Breaker has surpassed the ratings of Tokyo Revengers on the popularity anime site, My anime List.

Tokyo Revengers is the titles that first comes whenever there’s talk about Delinquent anime/manga. It even has total of 1.2 million members on MyAnimeList, making it one of the best and popular Delinquent manga title.

In Wind Breaker, Haruka Sakura is all about the combat, while in Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi Hanagaki joins a gang and fights to protect the one he loves. This makes the viewers feel much engaged and aggressive as compared to Tokyo Revengers.

Wind Breaker is currently leading with a rating of 7.95/10 on MyAnimeList, slightly surpassing Tokyo Revengers’ rating of 7.93/10. The recent release of its second episode caused a notable uptick in Wind Breaker’s ratings.

Even before the manga of Wind Breaker got adapted into anime it was making good numbers in manga sales alone. Currently, two episodes of Wind Breaker anime are out, being animated by CloverWorks, known for their work on Bocchi the Rock, Spy x Family, and Horimiya.

The plot goes like: Wind Breaker follows Haruka Sakura, who got bullied because he looked different, having black and white hair, mismatched eyes, and pupils. To handle the bullying, he turned to fighting.

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Source: MAL