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Sony Working on One Punch Man Live Action Movie With Rick and Morty writers!

In news just out from The Hollywood Reporter, it’s been revealed that Dan Harmon, the creator of Rick and Morty, will be teaming up with Heather Anne Campbell, a co-executive producer of the show, to write Sony’s upcoming live-action One-Punch Man movie.

Anime Live-actions have always been kind of hated among anime fans but with recent Live-actions like One Piece it looks like there might be a future where fans would enjoy Live-actions of anime as much as they enjoy anime itself.

One Punch Man anime is very popular among anime fans because of how powerful they made the protagonist. Now its time for the anime to come into real life with the Live-action, which is in works under Sony.

Dan Harmon, famed for hits like Community and Rick and Morty, may seem like an unusual pick. Yet, his comedic style meshes seamlessly with One-Punch Man’s humor.

Also, Harmon’s talent for writing hilarious dialogue and sharp observations is spot-on for capturing One Punch Man’s humor, blending flashy superhero action with Saitama’s search for a true challenge.

For now we don’t have any release date for One Piece Live Action, so stay tuned for that. Now that you are here, comment down your thoughts on this Live-action adaptation. Also, don’t forget to share this news with your friends.

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