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Fan was awarded Gold Gear 5 Luffy Statue!

The popularity One Piece holds is straight-up over the charts from the start. There are fans all over the world who are like an open book for any knowledge about One Piece. One such fan was even awarded a gold colored Gear 5 Luffy Statue for being the most knowledgeable One Piece fan.

According to Sandman_AP over on X, “Recently, a gold-colored statue of Gear 5 Luffy was sent to the top-class winner of last December’s quiz show to determine who is the most knowledgeable about One Piece” for being the most knowledgeable One Piece fan

In December, there was this quiz show just for One Piece fans. Among them, one fan really stood out for knowing everything about the series. They ended up winning the whole thing! And you know what they got? A shiny gold statue of Gear 5 Luffy as a prize. It’s like a trophy for being the ultimate One Piece expert!

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