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One Piece anime Failed To Break The Internet When Comparing To Dragon Ball Super!

One Piece just delivered one of the most anticipated episode of all time and still it was not enough to break the hype and impact Dragon Ball Super created while airing Goku’s Ultra Instinct episode which literally broke the internet on a large scale!

The term broke the internet’ was introduced in the anime community when Dragon Ball Super broke multiple streaming servers on a large scale with the reveal of Ultra Instinct omen Goku! Something that no other anime are able to pull (basically on the same scale).

  • One piece Luffy’s Gear 5 episode 1071 crashed servers for only 20 minutes.
  • DBS did that for 6 hours.
  • One piece crashed only 10 servers
  • DBS crashed 42 servers, vrv, funimation,3 po*n sites.

Even official account of crunchyroll tweeted about it and crunchyroll hasn’t changed their infrastructure for a decade now. So it means it’s the same as it was in 2017. And in 2017 anime watchers were also low, neither most of them had internet at that time and still crashed servers harder than Gear 5 so having developed servers now doesn’t count.

One Piece Luffy’s Gear 5 episode did crash crunchyroll & other anime streaming sites but for mere minutes and it was limited to regions. Most viewers had no problem at all watching the episode on crunchyroll.

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