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AOT fan Creates 300 Emails To Lower Review Ratings of One Piece Gear 5 Episode

One Piece anime is about to drop one of the most anticipated episode of all time, which features Luffy’s gear 5. This is a big moment as it might break streaming servers and entire anime community is excited for this moment. However, there is an AOT fan who is ready with 300+ emails just to review bomb Luffy’s Gear 5 episode ratings!

A user (@AACK01) on X (Twitter), who is apparently a fan of Attack on Titan anime, has been getting a lot exposure lately because of the tweet me made.

The user claim that he has created over 300 email and is ready to give 1 star rating by review bombing as soon as the episode airs.

In the tweet he says “I finished creating three hundred email accounts to prepare for the next episode of One Piece and give it a one-point rating. Give me the episode at once”.

It has been around a week since he created this tweet and now anime fans are taking this tweet in consideration. Here are few replies that this tweet got:

“This Attack on Titan fan created 300 accounts just to rate “1 out of 10″ Gear 5 Episodes on Imdb. Ngl I’m not even mad at this point cuz if u have time to make 300 accounts for this you are crazy.”

“No life, I hope you find more meaning to your existence”

“If we say that the account should be watched for 3 minutes, and you can tie it for a minute, I mean 4 x 300 = 1200 minutes= 20 hours while he manages the accounts, he got no life ong”

This is actually crazy if you think about it. Creating 300+ emails just to give 1 out of 10 rating on one of the most anticipated anime episode of all time is insane.

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