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DBS: Super Hero Indian Box Office Collection Is Revealed & Fans Are Not Happy!

DBS: Super Hero movie released in India few days ago in English, Japanese & Hindi and fans were expecting good amount of Indian Box Office collection. But it turned out that DBS: Super Hero got the same treatment as during Japan run.

Dragon Ball community is visibly the most united anime community in India with lots of reputed creators & faces like Whixer, Chronicles, KenXyro, etc. However, the hype created for the movie failed to meet the expectations (not even close).

Just a few hour ago, Ken and Whixer updated us with the collection of DBS: Super Hero Indian Box Office along with disappointed statement.

Dbs: Super Hero Box Office Collection In India

Super Hero did really great in the US and we all expected it to do better than any other anime movie released in India because of huge increase in number of screens and an official hindi dub for the movie.

But still, the box office collection tells that it didn’t even do any good, far from what Sony expected.

First 3 Day Collection Breakdown:

  • Day 1: Rs 40-45 lakhs (40 lakhs Eng & JP, Rs 4-5 lakhs Hindi)
  • Day 2: Rs 65 lakhs (Rs 57 lakhs Eng & JP, Rs 8 lakh Hindi Dub)
  • Day 3: Rs 75-80 lakhs (Rs 65-67 lakhs, Eng & JP, Rs 13 lakhs Hindi Dub)
  • Till now Total Collection is 2.5 Crores (as of Tuesday)

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 still holds the title of Best Anime Opening Day and Weekend in India by grossing 5.4 crore opening weekend in India.

All the creator and faces who did their best behind the scenes to bring DBS: Super Hero in India, even dubbing it in Hindi expecting the movie to perform really well are heavily disappointed from the collection.

This actually tells us that lots of fans who say they want to support hindi dub don’t actually support it with money. This sets a bad example for the future of all anime movie releases in India in Hindi Dub.

Because of the poor run of DBS: Super Hero in Indian, the chances of One Piece: Film Red to release in less screens are highly possible.

Anyways, are you the one who only show support online or are you one of us who actually shows up in theaters? Feel free to comment down and let us know what do you think, also don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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Source: Kenxyro, Whixer & itsweebcentral

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