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You think you know everything about My Hero Academia?

My hero academia quiz

My Hero Academia also known as Boku No Hero Academia, is a Japanese manga, created in 2014. However, there is also anime with the same name, adapted from the manga. The anime is becoming more and more popular, making it one of the top-tier anime. MHA anime released back in 2016, and since then, it has gained incredible popularity. My Hero Academia tells a story about a world where people have superpowers, also known as “Quirks.” The main protagonist of the series, a boy named Midoriya, has no superpower. He got teased in his childhood for not having a quirk himself. Izuku’s biggest dream is to become a superhero one day. Let’s keep the details aside, we made a quiz for you all to test your My Hero Academia knowledge. The quiz contains 12 questions that are easy for one who watches this anime carefully. Also Check: How well do you know My Hero Academia

  • Question of

    What number holder is Deku for One For All?

    one for all quirk holders
    • 6th
    • 7th
    • 8th
    • 9th
  • Question of

    What does Bakugo call Deku?

    bakugo from my hero academia
    • Brat
    • Deku
    • Midoriya
    • Shine
  • Question of

    What quirk does Bakugo have?

    bakugo shine
    • Lava
    • Fire power
    • Explosion
    • Light waves
  • Question of

    Was Deku declared quirkless?

    kid deku
    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Who knows about Deku’s Quirk other than All Might?

    guess mha characters by emoji
    • Bakugo
    • Aizawa
    • Todoroki
  • Question of

    In the world of MHA, is it possible to have more than one Quirk?

    My hero academia quiz
    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    What’s the reason behind Ochako’s wish to become a Pro Hero?

    ochaco uraraka
    • to prove to her family that’s she’s worth something
    • to rectify all criminals
    • to make the world a safer place
    • to earn enough money to help out her family
  • Question of

    Who ranked 1st in the quirk apprehension test?

    bakugo katsuki smilling
    • Momo Yaoyorozu
    • Katsuki Bakugo
    • Tenya Ida
    • Fumikage Tokoyami
  • Question of

    What did the doctor say was responsible for Izuku not getting his quirk?

    kid deku and mom crying
    • A hole in his heart lmao
    • An injury on his leg
    • Two joints on his pinky toe
    • A fractured elbow
  • Question of

    What job did All Might initially suggest to Izuku since he wanted to save people?

    deku watching all might
    • A Soldier
    • A Policeman
    • A Doctor
    • An Ambulance Driver
  • Question of

    Where does Izuku train, in order to be able to receive All Might’s power?

    deku and all might training together
    • Dogobah Municipal Memorial Park
    • Dogobah Municipal Beach Park
    • Dogobah Municipal Football Stadium
    • Dogobah Municipal Play Park
  • Question of

    For how long does Izuku train to inherit All Might’s quirk?

    deku completed trainig
    • 2 Years
    • 6 Months
    • 2 Week
    • 10 Months
    • s


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