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Berserk Is Returning With New Manga Chapter On June 24!

One of the greatest manga out there, Berserk by the late Kentarou Miura will continue beginning with this year’s 13th issue of Young Animal on June 24. Kentaro Miura’s assistant and friend, who knows the ending of Berserk, will continue writing the manga series!

Today a big announcement regarding Berserk manga came through which made the entire community hyped up. The editorial department of Young Animal magazine announced that Berserk manga is set to return under the supervision of Kouki Mori on June 24.

Kouki Mori was close and had a lot of talks with Kentaro. He has good knowledge about Berserk manga and also knows the ending of series. Which puts him in a good position to continue and finish the story in a satisfactory way for fans.

The manga will first have six chapters that will go to the end of the “Fantasia Arc/Elf Island Chapter,” with a new arc beginning afterward.

Berserk manga will now have the following credits: “Original work by Kentarou Miura, manga by Studio Gaga, supervised by Kouji Mori.”

The berserk franchise is one of the biggest manga franchise with solid fanbase. Just over a year ago the author of Berserk manga, Kentaro Miura passed away, which made the entire anime and manga community sad.

Now Berserk is all set to resume with this year’s 13th issue of Young Animal on June 24th under the supervision of Kouki Mori. Are you excited for the return of GOAT? Feel free to comment down what do you think. Also don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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