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My Hero Academia Chapter 397 Spoilers, Summary & Raw Scans | Reddit Manga Spoilers

My Hero Academia manga is about to deliver one of the best chapter with the release of chapter 397 this Sunday! For the fans who can not wait fo rthe official release we are here for you as the spoilers, summary and raw scans for My Hero Academia manga chapter 397 have arrived just in time.

We are getting 15 pages in this chapter and extra color spread. So, without wasting any more time let’s get straight into it.

My hero Academia Manga Chapter 397 Raw Scans

Chapter 394: Spoilers & Summary

  • Chapter 394: Ochako Uraraka vs. Himiko Toga
  • The chapter begins with Ochako realizing that there’s something weird with her quirk that even she doesn’t understand. Jiro realizes that everyone is floating is and Toga tries to create more clones, but they are “born” with the Zero Gravity bubbles surrounding them
  • Toga realizes her quirk evolved, just like what happened to her own during the fight with Curious. Kamui holds Tiger with his arms and asks if he’s the real one, but a clone wouldn’t withstand that much damage. Tiger is impressed with how much Ochako grew in just 1 year
  • Ochako feels her body getting cold but that doesn’t matter. What she wants right now is to be able to touch the sadness inside Toga. The two are connected by the wire and Ochako starts saying that her parents are poor, and she wanted to become a hero to help them
  • But she realized the world is bigger than that, and more people need her help. In the meantime, she developed a crush on Izuku and is now determined to stop Toga. All of this is what defines Ochako Uraraka, and it’s why she’s here right now
  • Ochako shouts, asking Toga to tell her everything she’s thinking, everything she’s feeling and everything she’s ever felt. She remembers Dabi and all the tragic moments from her childhood, which makes her even angrier as she prepares to stab Ochako
  • There’s a REALLY cool panel where Toga is drawn as some kind of demon, ready to stab baby Ochako
  • But she stops the knife and starts talking. She says she falls in love very easily, be it with animals, villains, heroes, boys or girls. She is attracted to blood and can’t help it. But everyone always told her not to smile and she felt envious of other people’s happiness
  • She had a crush on a boy who looked just like Izuku, called Saito. She wanted to ask him to let her drink a little bit of his blood, but she couldn’t do it because everyone said she wasn’t human being, that she wasn’t cute. This led to that incident
  • The League of Villains are the only ones who accepted her love from the start. Ochako says that Toga was already showing signs of this trauma from the beggining, but that she only realized it now. At this moment, the Twice clones start to turn into dust
  • Toga realizes that the transformation is coming undone, and that Jin will disappear. Jirou lands on the ground and looks up to see Ochako hugging Toga. Ochako admits that she also admires people who keep doing their best even when they’re hurt and bleeding
  • She knows she’ll never be able to take the League’s place in her heart, but she felt she needed to say how beautiful Toga’s smile is. Toga starts crying even more and asks “am I cute?”, to which Ochako smiles and replies “the cutest in the whole world”
  • Toga then finally smiles.

The last double spread shows all the Twice clones that were covering Gunga turning to dust. End of the chapter, no break next week 🙂

When & Where To Read:

According to the official Shonen Jump website, My Hero Academia chapter 394 will be releasing on Sunday, Jul 16.

There are many official sources that you can use for reading manga which inturn would help the creator. Like, Viz website or you can use Shueisha’s English manga portal Mangaplus.

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