MHA Chapter 379 Reddit Spoilers, Summary & Raw Scans Are Out! Release Date & Where To Read

Both anime and manga of My Hero Academia manga are going crazy and fans are enjoying every moment. Around 5 days are remaining for the release of My Hero Academia chapter 379 but for fans who can not wait that longer, we are here for you. The Reddit spoilers, summary and raw scans of MHA manga chapter 379 are out early.

Raw Scans Of My Hero Academia Chapter 379:

My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 379 Spoilers & Summary

The Chapter 379 is titled hopes and the color page shows Gentle and La Brava!!!

  • The chapter begins with a flashback of the Central Hospital just after Kurogiri woke up. Everyone is screaming and we see Doctor Mario saying that Nagant can’t go moving around, but she tells him to shut up and tell her the enemy’s location
  • The doctor says he can’t tell her since she’s in custody, but Nagant says that Midoriya asked her to fight alongside them. Rock Lock then shows up and says that he will allow her to join the war. He hands her a device that contains all information about the villains
  • Cut to the present and we see Nagant saying that she wants to get at least one more shot off to pay back Hawks and Deku for bringing her out of the darkness and reminding her of the meaning of her existence. She then shoots and hits Shigaraki’s other hand
  • Deku understands what’s happening and smiles. Cut to the inner All For One screaming with hatred, saying that it makes no sense for a trash like her, who killed innocent people and even allies, to play the victim. Suddenly, fingers start coming out of his mouth
  • The fingers represent Shigaraki. He laughs at AFO and says that his plan to use others didn’t work out. He also says that he knows that AFO only raised him to piss off All Might and then to use his hatred to steal One for All, but that plan also turned out to be a failure
  • The fusion seemed to have worked, but Shigaraki kept his “origin” hidden deep within his heart. This allowed him to get his personality back little by little without AFO noticing, creating a way out of his control
  • AFO despairs and tries to order Kurogiri to teleport him to where his true body is, but Kurogiri begins to glitch. He says he needs to protect Shigaraki, but we slowly start to see more of Shirakumo’s face as he says “who… where…. friend…”
  • Shigaraki continues his speech, saying that he doesn’t need AFO. His heart will never surrender, just like Nagant’s or Gentle’s. The world as it is right now originated the house in which he was born, and that’s why Tomura Shigaraki and Tenko Shimura’s wish is the same
  • As he says all of this, he starts to emerge from within the sea of hands and fingers. He ends his speech with “our wish is to destroy everything that has to do with that house”. Shigaraki is back!!
  • He then says “and that’s the only thing that will save me, hero”, but in a matter of seconds Deku has already pulled him out of the flying U.A. Gentle and Mirio are confused, but he says that now that Shigaraki has all his quirks, the flying coffin became useless
  • Deku says “I won’t let you do that. But I’m also not going to ignore the you who were crying.” He tied Shigaraki’s hands using Black Whip and now the two of them are on solid ground, about to start the fight.
  • End of chapter, the last four pages are two double spreads.

My Hero Academia Chapter 379 Release Date & Where To Read

According to the official Shonen Jump website, My Hero Academia chapter 379 will be releasing on Sunday, Jan 29.

There are many official sources that you can use for reading manga which inturn would help the creator. Like, Viz website or you can use Shueisha’s English manga portal Mangaplus.

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