My Hero Academia Chapter 372 Spoilers, Summary & Raw Scans Are Here!

There are still some days left for the release of MHA new chapter and are eagerly waiting for it. Well, no need to wait anymore as the spoilers, summary & raw scans of My Hero Academia manga chapter 372 are here!

The chapter 371 of MHA was officially out 2-3 days ago, so if you haven’t caught up with that yet then we would recommend you to read it out first because this article contains spoiler, summary & raw scans of MHA manga chapter 372.

MHA Chapter 372 Raw Scans:

My Hero Academia Chapter 372 Summary & Spoilers

  • The chapter 372 of MHA is titled as “NAKED” and it begins with Soji & Koda asking All Might and Aizawa to assign them to the Central Hospital team.
  • They’re confused because the students are not supposed to know that, but Shoji says that the giant lady told them that a mutant group is preparing a raid
  • Shoji says that if he ignores that he won’t be able to call himself a hero. We then see a conversation between Aizawa and Mic, with Aizawa saying that leaking false information was not enough to fool the villains and asking Mic to also go to the Central Hospital
  • Cut back to the present and we see Mic watching Shoji and Koda fight, thinking to himself that they are already much stronger than the “Three Idiots” when they were students. We then see a short flashback of Koda, with his mom saying that his horns will also grow someday. (Koda’s father isn’t a mutant)
  • The horns can make his feelings reach animals that are far away. She says that people were mean to her because of her appearance, but Koda’s father always defended her and praised her horns. She hopes that Kouda will become an adult who gets angry for the right reasons
  • Shoji and Koda attack at the same time with Octo Expansion and Hitchcock Buzz, the first being a very strong punch on Spinner and the other a flurry of birds attacking the general. Mic also helps with his voice
  • Shouji asks Spinner what he wants to protect with his giant body and his scales. He then turns to the mutants on the ground and asks the same thing, what do they want to protect with these amazing powers they have. As he says this, he remembers Aoyama crying
  • He asks them to stop because this attack will cause all future mutants to be persecuted. He then remembers the little girl he saved, as she’s crying and saying that if she hadn’t drowned, he wouldn’t have been atacked by the villagers and his face wouldn’t become so scary
  • That’s when Spinner starts yelling, saying that hatred will never disappear. If the heroes win this fight, nothing will change. He remembers the days when he lived locked up in his house and asks his companions to make their voices heard and follow him
  • Spinner then propels himself from a building toward the Central Hospital. Shoji is held up by Koda’s birds and realizes that Spinner has become even stronger, to the point where he can break through concrete. The mutants hesitate for a moment, but then shout in agreement
  • The policemen notice that the mutants are more motivated and seem to deem it necessary to use firearms. We hear shots being fired but soon the focus shifts to inside the hospital, with Spinner smashing through the walls of the entrance hall
  • He remembers AFO saying that Kurogiri must be in the research tower and says that when he finds him he has to play a voice recording of Shigaraki or AFO himself. He explains that Kurogiri is essential for them to win and that Spinner will become Tomura’s hero
  • We then see that all the doctors and nurses in the hospital joined hands to block a hall. One of the mutants is shocked by the scene and, remembering Shoji’s words and thinking of the doctors treating the wounded, drops his weapon to the floor
  • But Spinner keeps moving forward. He thinks to himself that he accepted he would always be a nobody, but if he fulfills this goal he will become “something”. He says that the proof is that so many people are following him, but when he turns around he sees no one
  • That’s when Mic arrives in that hallway, saying that Shoji’s voice has reached the other mutants and that he won’t accomplish his goal.

The chapter ends with the two arriving at the research tower, with Spinner shouting “KUROGIRI” and Mic shouting “SHIRAKUMO”. The NAKED was the friends we made along the way.

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MHA Chapter 372 Release Date & Where To Read

According to the official Shonen Jump website, My Hero Academia chapter 371 will be releasing on November 6th.

There are many official sources that you can use for reading manga which inturn would help the creator. Like, Viz website, Shonen Jump or you can use Shueisha’s English manga portal Mangaplus.

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