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After a week break, One Piece manga is now all set to release its next manga chapter 1,065 in few days. However, there are fans who can’t wait no longer to know what about to happen in next chapter. Well, there’s no need to wait anymore as the spoilers, summary and raw scans of One Piece Chapter 1,065 are out.

The author of One Piece manga, Eiichiro Oda has been doing a great job since he came back from hiatus. Every chapter is getting appreciated by fans along with overwhelming support. Now let’s see what he has for us in this chapter.

One Piece Manga Chapter 1065 Spoilers & Summary

  • Chapter 1,065 is titled as “Six Vegapunk”
  • Color Spread dedicated to One Piece Film Red.
  • Seraphim Jinbe attacks Sanji’s group.
  • We discover the other 3 Vegapunk: Edison and Pythagoras are robots. York is the one that eat for the other Vegapunk.
  • “Egghead” is not the island of the future, is the island of the past becouse its technology is similar to “Ancient Kingdom” technology.
  • At the end of the chapter, Luffy’s group finds some ancient robots.

As of now these are the only spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1065 but in few hours more will surely arrive.

complete summary!

Same goes for raw scans. We need to wait some hours for the release by reputed sources. This article will be updated as soon as arrival of more updates.

When & Where To Read Latest Manga Chapter

The latest One Piece Manga Chapter 1065 is releasing officially this November 6th.

There are various official ways to read manga while supporting the creator. Websites like Viz, Shonen Jump, Manga Plus allows users to read latest chapter for free without any charges.

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