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Once again another week for One Piece manga new chapter and the leaks of chapter 1064 are already coming in. This article covers the leaks that came in of chapter 1064, it includes Spoilers, Summary & raw scans.

These leaks are confirmed by Redon and trusted by Op_news2022 on Twitter. There’s a shocking news in this chapter, a big one actually related to Big Mom. So without wasting any more time, let’s get straight into it. Raw Scans for the latest chapter haven’t arrived yet! Will update the article as soon it arrives.

One Piece Chapter 1064 Summary & Spoilers

So, according to the early leaks, upcoming chapter 1064 of One Piece manga is titled as “Egg Head Lab Phase”.

  • in the cover, it is written that kuzan (aokiji) is indeed a crewmate of teach and not just in an alliance. Kuzan and van augar have kidnapped pudding. They are not in Chocolate Town.
  • Law tries to separate teach’s limbs using ope ope powers but teach negate Law’s powers using Yami Yami.
  • Pudding is shown as a hostage in Blackbeard ship. She awakened her third eye and said, “MAMA IS DEAD.”
  • Blackbeard pirates vs Laws crew. We see the abilities of law’s crew.
  • bonney getting over emotional resulted in Luffy, Jinbei, Chopper and herself changing ages.
  • Bonney says Kuma was sentenced to life in prison as he was different. He is not a human. He is from a special race.
  • In Zoro’s group, Zoro and Brook Stays in the sunny, while others get out and got changed into different outfits. they meets punk 01 (SHAKKA).
  • Punk 01 (shakka) is in a call with the revolutionary army. Shakka tells dragon that his (Vegapunk’s) death is nearby.

One more inportant thing that next week there is going to be a break. So, no manga next week.

One Piece Chapter 1064 Release Date & Where To Read?

As per the sources the One Piece chapter 1064 will be releasing on Sunday, October 23rd.

The newest One Piece chapter 1064 is arriving on Viz or else you can use Shueisha’s English manga, Mangaplus.

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