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Blue Lock Anime Reveals Trailer For Meguru Bachira

Blue Lock anime has been announced for 2022 and fans are eagerly waiting for the reveal of its release month. On August 12, with the announcement of anime release, Blue Lock also revealed a trailer. And since then they have revealed one character promo video for Yoichi Isagi and another character trailer for Meguru Bachira revealed today.

This afternoon, official Twitter account for Blue Lock anime revealed the second character trailer. The trailer features Meguru Bachira and studio 8bit did justice to the animation. You can watch the trailer video on Bandai Namco’s YouTube Channel:

Meguru Bachira is a main supporting character of the Blue Lock manga. He is a type of character who plays following his instincts. The trailer showed us how determined Meguru is and would do anything to win. The voice actor of Bachira Meguru is Tasuku Kaito.

In simple words, Meguru Bachira is generally very energetic and cheerful during matches. He rarely losses his cool and his will to play. The teaser also showed his habit of over sleeping in unexpected moments.

The Cast of Blue Lock Anime

Blue Lock anime cast includes:

  • Kazuki Ura – Yoichi Isagi
  • Tasuku Kaito – Bachira Meguru
  • Ono Yuki – Kunigami Rensuke
  • Souma Saito – Chigiri Hyoma

Studio 8bit is also the in-charge of the anime adaptation of Blue Lock manga. Tetsuaki Watanabe is directing the anime at Studio 8Bit with Shunuke Ishikawa as assistant director.

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