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How Daki Was Alive Even After Uzui Chopped Her Head | Episode 7

Demon Slayer is currently a hot topic, after the release of episode 6 everyone started praising it. We got many great moments to witness in episode 6 and finally episode 7 is out with Daki and her brother playing main role. It also showed us how Daki stayed alive even after Uzui chopped her head.

The reason Daki stayed alive is because she shares her body with her Big brother. They both are upper moon six rank demon with great battle experience. Out of both of them, Gyutaro (Daki’s big brother) is the stronger one. Daki’s body is not just her’s, so picking her head won’t finish her. Infact her body would divide into two parts and that would be disastrous because Daki alone is stronger than majority of upper ranks.

Nezuko’s Demon Awakened Form

The episode started with Nezuko dominating over Daki in her demon awakened form (berserk form). Daki thought Nezuko is not a big deal or just a regular demon but she didn’t know what about to come. Nezuko used her blood demon art, a technical that only burns demons, even Daki was not able to escape it. Her half face got completely burned and her healing was not sufficient for the recovery.

It was the moment when Nezuko got distracted and she saw a human with blood coming out of her hand wound. Luckily Tanjiro arrived and got Nezuko under control. After that Uzui chopped Daki’s head in his flamboyant way, but she stayed alive.

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