Is It True That Chris Pratt Is Replacing Sean Schemmel As The Voice Actor Of Goku?

Many things went viral this month, like release info about Dragon Ball Super season 2 and fake Perfect Cell scenes from DBS: Super Hero movie. One more thing that is still circulating around is that Chris Pratt will be replacing Sean Schemmel as the voice actor of Goku. Many fans are believing this but is it really true or another false info in the month of April? Keep reading the article to find out.

I have recently seen many posts about Chris Pratt replacing Sean Schemmel as the voice actor of Goku on Tiktok and mostly on Twitter. Well, this is not the truth and just an another April fool post which is circulating on social media platform to gain clout. This is not the first time, we have seen this same news over and over again in Dragon Ball community just for troll.

If I’m right, a user on Twitter “DragonBallBLK” started this on April 6 by posting a Tweet. Here is the tweet that has been circulating even on other social media platforms:

While it is easy to figure out that this is just another April fool prank, some fans are still believing it. Sean Schemmel voiced Goku for more than 20 years and he is going to do the same, there will be no changes.

Goku is an iconic anime character and he has been an example of what a “Shounen” protagonist should be like. Not just his character but the voice actors of Goku are also among the top most popular anime voice actors out there, especially Sean Schemmel (English Voice Actor) and Masako Nozawa (Japanese Voice Actor).

So, if there will be any changes in Voice Actors then it’s going to be huge and officials will tell us about that. Till then there will be no changes and same voice actors are going to voice Goku.

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  1. Thank heavens you cleared that up, I’ve been preparing myself for the change watching Chris Pratt clips trying to picture him doing Goku.
    I’m so dumb

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