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The Reason Why Gyomei Himejima Is Always Praying & Crying In Demon Slayer

Hashira are the nine overall most powerful members in the entirety of the Demon Slayer Corps and Gyomei Himejima is one of them. Despite the intimidating appearance, Gyomei Himejima is always crying over little things and praying at the same time but why is that? Keep reading the article to know more about the mysterious personality of Gyomei Himejima.

Gyomei is most of the time shown with tears streaming down his face. It was later revealed in an extra chapter that he cries extremely easily at almost anything. There was a moment when he started crying just because the garbage was messy.

While there’s not really an explanation about why Gyomei is always praying & crying, there are things about his past that could explain it to some extent and also about his personality.

Backstory of Gyomei Himejima and why is always crying

Gyomei Himejima joined Demon Slayer Corps and became a Hashira just after two months. But before becoming a Demon Slayers, Gyomei was raising orphans in a temple. There were total of nine orphans and Gyomei took good care of them. All were living happily till the day when a demon ruined their happy life.

The demon took life of most childrens but one survived because Gyomei was able to defeat the demon with his bare hands. He could have saved most childrens if they just belived in him and stayed behind him during the attack of demon but instead childrens ran away in search of help thinking Gyomei would need help because he’s blind.

Instead of thanking Gyomei for defeating demon, the villagers sentenced him to death because they misunderstood the situation. The survived kid said something along the lines of “He killed them. He killed them all,” referring to the demon, but other people thought the kid was talking about Gyomei.

Even after that, Gyomei wasn’t able to say anything or defend himself because his concern was that he wasn’t able to protect other kids that the demon killed.

Kagaya Ubayashiki saw something in Gyomei and recruited him as a Demon Slayer. Gyomei then dedicated his life to protect humans and he became a Hashira just after 2 months.

The reason Gyomei Himejima always crying and praying could be related to trauma from his backstory. What do you think about this? Feel free to comment down your thoughts, also don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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