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The Real Reason Why Genya Became A Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is not only dominating the most popular anime list but also dominating the list of highest earning anime movie ever worldwide by holding the first position. The show features many characters with each of them having characteristic personality. One of those characters is Genya, who has a very less screentime but fans can’t forget him because of his rude act towards Tanjiro. Some fans even wonder why Genya became a Demon slayer.

There is an actual reason why Genya became a demon slayer and it is full of spoilers. However, the reason doesn’t seem that big but on personal levels it is actually big. To state the reason we have to look back at the backstory of Genya. So, keep reading the article to understand him more.

For those (anime watchers) who don’t know, Genya is a younger brother of the wind Hashira, Sanemi. They both are rude, ill-tempered and foul-mouthed but Genya is not same as his big brother. Unlike his brother, Genya lacks the ability to perform Breathing Techniques. But that didn’t stop his, Genya studied under Gyomei Himejima and learned a unique combat technique.

Why Did Genya Became A Demon Slayer | His Backstory

As y’all already know, Genya is a younger brother of Sanemi and he had total of six brothers. In his house, Genya’s mother was the only one working to feed their family. He had a father too but an abusive one, who made their life like a hell. But that didn’t last long because later on someone stabbed Genya’s father to death.

After the death of his father, something bad also happened with his mother. The mother was used to go to work, and returns by evening. But one day she didn’t returned. Genya was very young, so sanemi went out to go on and check for their mother.

In search of Mother, Sanemi finds out that she had turned into a demon. Being shocked and not too strong, Sanemi was not able to stop his mother from killing his five brothers. After finishing them she went for Genya but Sanemi didn’t let her pass him. He had a knife in his hand and went straight to stop his mother, and ended up killing her.

Genya saw the body of his mother and a knife in the hands of Sanemi. He blamed his older brother for the death of their mother. Sanemi was not able to respond anything because he was shocked by this incident too. Later, Genya realised what exactly happened and he was ashamed of everything he said to the older brother.

Genya then joined Demon Slayer to ameliorate for the heartbreaking things he said to his brother and to build a better relationships with him.

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