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My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 1 Will Be Pre-screening On July 24 In Hero Fes Event

It has already been confirmed that the release date of My Hero Academia season 6 broadcast is set for fall 2022 (between September to November). There are still many months left for the release and to generate the hype again, the franchise will be Pre-screening My Hero Academia season 6 episode 1 in ‘Hero Fes Event” on July 24.

MHA Season 6 has one of the best arcs and the hype among fan needs to match that level. On April 20, some information regarding the coming Hero Fes Event surfaced on Twitter. “Hero Fes 2022” is going to held on July 24th at Musashino Forest Sport Plaza. What’s more crazy about this even is the Pre-screening of My Hero Academia season 6 episode 1.

My Hero Academia fans are excited and eagerly waiting for anime adaptation of some of the best MHA arc starting from the release of season 6. My Hero Academia Season 6 will commence the Paramount Liberation War Arc which is one of the most crucial arcs in the history of MHA.

The Pre-screening of MHA Season 6 episode 1 could be a recap of what happened in previous seasons. I would honestly prefer ep 1 to not be recap or maybe some looking back at My Villain Arc. It could be cool to have the episode involve filler/recap, but also cover the rest of 258 to bridge gap.

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