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Vote for your favorite Demon Slayer Ships!

A new pool where you can vote for your favourite Demon Slayer ships to rank them.

Since Demon Slayer started airing, it has kind of flown under the anime community. It is more popular than most of the shows going and noted for its top end animation quality. As an Ufotable show, Demon Slayer’s CGI backgrounds are breathtaking and traditional animated elements are really good.

Demon Slayer shows that the fight scenes can be engaging and interesting without relying on that response. In spite of how simple its premise seems at first blush that makes it feel refreshing to watch.

Other than that, Demon slayer characters are also very well written. Fans can connect with characters and there are many fans that also ship some characters so we thought of making a ship pool. In this pool you can rank your favourite Demon slayer ships by voting them.

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  • Which one is your favorite ship?

    • sanemi and kanae
      Sanemi and Kanae
    • zenitsu and nezuko
      Zenitsu and Nezuko
    • Tanjiro and kanao
      Tanjiro and kanao
    • Obanai and mitsuri
      Obanai and mitsuri
    • Giyu and shinobu
      Giyu and shinobu
    • Mitsuri and rengoku
      Mitsuri and rengoku
    • Inosuke and aoi
      Inosuke and aoi

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