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Vote for your favourite Attack on Titan ship

attack on titan ships pool

Today we have a pool where you can vote for your favourite Attack on TItan ship!

Did you saw the trailer of Aot final season part 2?? It was really amazing and I’m looking forward to watching the release. The animation was on point! Mappa did it well, and the storyline is also great..

The anime has fans all over the world and everyone is waiting for second part of final Aot season to release next year. The final Chapters of manga seem to be disappointed for some fans but heyy that was really great!!

Everything aside, let’s talk about the pool we made here. In this pool you can select your favourite ship and that would rank them according to the votes. So go and vote your favourite ship and result will be announced in 1 month (December mid).

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  • Which one is your favourite ship?

    • guess aot chatacters by emoji
      Eren and Misaka
    • Jean and Mikasa
      Jean and Mikasa
    • Armin and Annie
      Armin and Annie
    • Ymir and Historia
      Ymir and Historia
    • Niccolo and Sasha
      Niccolo and Sasha
    • gabi and falco
      Gabi and Falco
    • eren and historia
      Historia and Eren
    • Hange and Levi
      Hange and Levi
    • Petra and Levi
    • Pieck and Porco
      Pieck and Porco
    • Hange and Moblit
      Hange and Moblit

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