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Poor Translations Causes ‘Ranking Of Kings’ English Manga To Suspend Temporarily

One of the leading anime right now that came out of nowhere and gathered huge fanbase, “Ranking Of Kings”, ended its season 1 some weeks ago and now most of the fans are covering the story from its counterpart Manga. However, fans that read manga in English have to wait little longer to get their hands on new chapter cause ‘Ranking Of Kings’ manga is temporarily suspended.

On March 31, BookLive (digital bookstore of Toppan Printing) announced that they have temporarily suspended the volume 1-7 English version manga of ‘Ranking of Kings’.

BookLive revealed in the statement that they temporarily suspended ‘Ranking Of King’ to fix typographical errors and poor translations. Fans pointed out the errors after its distribution started on Feb 18, 2022.

Here is the statement from BookLive:

This situation caused by the inadequacies of BookLive Co., Ltd., which is in charge of distributing the English version of ‘Ranking of Kings’ in the management and confirmation of translated content. We are very sorry for distributed the English version that may have spoiled the image of ‘Ranking of Kings’. Moreover, we deeply apologize to all the readers who have been supporting ‘Ranking of Kings’, the original author Mr. Sousuke Toka and all related parties for the inconvenience and concern caused by this.”


They also added that, customers who previously purchased the English versions of the books will be able to download the retranslated version for free once it is back.

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Source: BookLive Website

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