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One Piece Has Sold Over 500 Million Manga Copies Worldwide

We won’t be wrong if we call One Piece the king of Shōnen Jump. It keeps on breaking sales records and it has added another milestone achivement to the list by crossing 500 million One Piece manga sales worldwide. It has become the fastest manga in the history to achieve this feat.

One Piece is easily one of the most famous manga and one of the longest-running manga series in the world. The manga has broken another manga sales record by becoming the first ever manga series to sell more than 500 million copies.

The official German publisher of One Piece has stated the series has reached 500,000,000 copies worldwide. Talking about previous years sales of One Piece manga, it sold total of 450 Million manga copies in March 2019. The last sales update was in July 2021 (490 Million copies), so it sold another 10 million in since.

One Piece broke the sales record of Batman and owned the number 2 spot on the highest selling comic books of all time. Batman is at 3rd position with 484 million comic sales worldwide and Superman is holding top position with 600 million comic sales worldwide.

This is a massive win for One Piece community! Congratulations to the author of this long-running manga, Eiichiro Oda and the team.

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