Sister Lily Arrives In Land Of Sun To Finish Asta | Black Clover Chapter 343 Spoilers

Sister Lily has always been the one Asta loved but in recent few chapter she is giving him hard time and now she is back again to give Asta more emotional damage ಠ⁠_⁠ಠ

Asta just can not catch a breath with these paladins. Sister Lily and the other Paladins travelled to “Land of Sun” just to make sure Asta is not alive.

Last time we saw Sister Lily, she told Asta to die for the sake of world and she was about to finish Asta but at the last moment something happened and Asta was somehow teleported to the land of sun where he met Captain Yami’s childhood friend.

Now in Chapter 343 she is back again with paladins.

Black Clover Chapter 343 Spoilers:

  • Chapter is mostly Asta vs Ichika
  • Asta is keeping up with Ichika quite well. Ichika gets angry…
  • “To become the Wizard King -same rank as Shogun-? A man without determination or ability? No way!!!!”
  • Asta says he can feel Ichika’s anger in her ki towards him & Yami but there’s “more”
  • Ichika gets angry that Asta is acting like he understands her
  • As Asta figures out the form of his “Zetten”, he thinks he can win with a perfect execution of it (we don’t see his Zetten).. As Ryu steps in to stop them before their final clash
  • Afterwards Asta says he couldn’t carry Zetten out & it’s his loss. He thinks he needs a bit more time to perfect it
  • Ryu says “they’re here…”
  • Lily: “I’ve only heard about it but it really does exist…. The land of the Sun!”

Sister Lily is now in The Land of the Sun. We might be seeing Lily vs Ichika in next chapter or somehow Asta would finish the task with the help of Ryu.

There is no break next week so look forward for next chapter!

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