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Solo Leveling Anime 6 Seasons Confirmed!? Leaks Says That

Solo Leveling Season 2 (Part 2) is getting ready to hit screens later this year, and there are leaks spreading on social media about Solo leveling to have 6 seasons. This could mean more money for the folks making the webtoon.

The leaks came from very reliable source but still, hold your horses, because things might change, especially when it comes to the plans for the Japanese side.

So, a few hours ago leaks about Solo Leveling anime started surfacing on ‘x’. According to leaks, we might be getting 6 season of Solo leveling anime or it may be just 6 course. This is the initial plan at the moment on the korean side, but it might not be the final decision for the japanese side.

With Solo leveling getting 6 Seasons or 6 cours, we are definitely gettin Ragnarok & more new crazy anime only scenes.

Solo Leveling’s anime made a huge splash in early 2024, with fans already eagerly anticipating Season 2 while Season 1 was still underway. Although it hasn’t been confirmed officially yet, given the immense success of Season 1 and the rich material left to explore in the manhwa, fans can pretty much count on Season 2 or cour 2 to air later this year.

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Source: Leaker