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Solo Leveling Season 2 (Cour 2) Release Announced For Later This Year 2024? | Rumors

Choi Won-young, CEO of D&C Media, unveiled in an exclusive interview with the Korea Economic Daily on January 5th that the highly anticipated second season (or cour 2) of the immensely popular “Solo Leveling” anime adaptation is hinted for release later this year in 2024.

With fans eagerly awaiting further adventures in the captivating world of Sung Jin-Woo, this announcement marks a significant milestone for enthusiasts worldwide.

The anime, based on the web novel series by Chu-Gong, has garnered widespread acclaim for its compelling storyline and dynamic character development, cementing its place as a cornerstone of contemporary anime culture.

Previous leaks hinted at the structure of the anime’s first season, suggesting a two-cour format. The initial cour was purportedly stated for 12 episodes, with speculation surrounding a subsequent cour of 13 episodes, resulting in a combined total of 25 episodes.

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