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Jujutsu Kaisen Manga is repetitive & Boring? | Japan Fans Are Making The Statement

Gege Akutami’s Jujutsu Kaisen manga series has undeniably garnered attention in recent years by becoming of the best hottest Shonen series. In the series by eliminating some fan-favorite characters, Akutami has stirred reader interest, yet there’s a growing sense of monotony in the storyline, leading fans to feel somewhat disengaged & feeling bored.

The popularity of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga extends beyond Western audiences, resonating strongly in Japan as well. Additionally, Mappa’s anime adaptation has further gave a push to the manga’s success. However, despite its acclaim among English-speaking communities, the series appears to be encountering challenges with its Japanese fanbase.

In Japan, fans are expressing dissatisfaction with the repetitive nature of the narrative. Currently situated in the manga’s final arc, the central antagonist, Ryumen Sukuna, presents a formidable challenge. However, his overwhelming strength has resulted in a cycle where Jujutsu sorcerers attempt to confront him, only to meet defeat, making the storyline very predictable.

Criticism from Japanese readers has been surfacing on the social media platform of Japan Yaraon, sparked by a tweet from @enushi_saba, who bravely vocalized sentiments shared by many fans.

Let me translate this for you: Do you want me to tell you why Jujutsu Kaisen is boring? It’s natural for Sukuna to be strong, so I have no complaints about characters dying left and right. But then, the Jujutsu High side should also be coming up with strategies to deal with the strong Sukuna, right?

In fact, they had a one-month preparation period, and they even “cheated” and should have prepared “multiple insurance plans.” But when you open the lid and look inside, what do you see? It just keeps going on and on.

This tweet has gotten very wide amount of impression, 10.8 Million impression and still increasing. And judging from that it is clear that people are agreeing with the tweet.

Not only this tweet but there are plenty fans tweeting same thing and it is clear why. Since Gojo died the story is having the same flow which is making it repetitive.

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