Goku Finally Remembers His Father And Mother, Will He Resurrect Them?

Fans have been waiting for this massive moment and Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 82 is giving fans all of that. It is finally happening now, Goku finally remembers his father (Bardock) and mother (Gine). Recent Dragon Ball Super manga chapters have been going hard and story becoming more and more intresting but with this add-on, there is no saying how much hype will it create.

As you all know, Dragon Ball Super anime ended around four year ago and the manga is still going. Currently it is on chapter 81 and chapter 82 is going to release tomorrow (March 18). But before the release there are some huge spoiler surfacing on social media.

This spoiler really came out of nowhere and with the arrival of this spoiler many theories are arising. Here is the spoiler pages of new DBS chapter:

We don’t really know what happened but somehow Goku sees his father and mother in his memories. I am talking about the memories that he lost after he hit his head.

Goku regains his lost memories

If we go according to the spoiler then it seems like Goku is regaining his lost memories and that triggered something in him. He remembers the moment when he was leaving for Earth and last saw his father and mother. It’s the same scene from Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, where Bardock sends Goku to planet Earth to save him from Frieza.

There are many theories arising after this spoiler and one of them is the resurrection of Goku’s parents. Imagine if this really happens, what gonna change? I think they won’t add up much to the story and the fact that Goku has a wholesome family now, he is a grandfather now.

Goku regaining his memories could help him winning again Gas in some ways. Because in the spoiler, right after Goku remembers his father and mother, the scene shifts to the fight between Gas and Bardock.

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It is this moment when you can’t really make predict about what’s going to happen down the story line. Comment down what do you think about Goku regaining his memories back. Also don’t forget to share this article with your friends and follow us on Instagram and Google News for more updates.

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