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My Dress-Up Darling Kitagawa Marin Accused of Promoting Racism

Everything was fine till episode 10 of anime. After the release of My Dress-up Darling episode 10, Marin was accused of promoting racism (Blackface). In the episode, Marin used foundation to tan her body to play the cosplay of Veronica. Online community showed outrage over this and are calling out the show for promoting racism.

Many cosplayers are pointing this out and posting on their social media. One of them is a Californian cosplayer “@fabrickind”, who went viral after posting a critique of Marin Kitagawa’s full body make-up to darken her skin tone.

She wrote, “As much as I like My Dress-Up Darling, this… This not ok. I know it’s very common to change skin tone in the Japanese cosplay scene, but that doesn’t make it okay to do it, especially since colorism is a big problem and people with dark skin can’t just take it off”.

The Tweet is not there anymore. The criticism received such a negative response that the cosplayer closed her Twitter account. Here’s the picture of that tweet:

This scene specifically talks about the scene when Kitagawa arrived at Gojo’s home after tanning her body for the cosplay. Later she explains to Gojo that she used foundation on her whole body to get the tan.

Many are in support to this tweet statement but some are outraging and calling this nonsense. Here are some comments on this:

For those who will say “it’s just for accuracy” – skin colour is not a costume and I will not be endorsing this show now that it is encouraging this behaviour.

@f.ukuro (1.2M Followers) (insta story)

and? ppl darken their skin w/ fake spray tan all the time. Should I be angry at bodybuilders and pro wrestlers now? If she wants to darken her skin to play a character, I don’t see a problem w/this. Would you cancel RDJ for his role in Tropic Thunder?


Are we going to talk about the low key blackface, they did on My Dress-Up Darling or not?


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  1. It’sl not racist to apply fake tan, no one’s being treated as a lesser person for it. What happens here is that a white woman is trying to virtue signal and calls racism because she’s the real racist, treats black people as kids who she must feel offended for and not real people capable of defending themselves.

  2. All of this is bullshit trying to ruin something that had nothing to even do with race if you literally just watch the show u know the entire thing is about doing cosplay and that means looking like someone who you aren’t and getting a flipping tan doesn’t mean black face like u people pull this crap from your asses to ruin a show that has nothing to do with hurting people racially

  3. That was not a low key blackface… that was a nonexistent blackface! Show takes place in modern times, not the 40’s
    People just hunt for something to start a war over, but at least to me. It would be more disrespectful to cosplay a dark skinned character as a pale white version of it; having to explain every step into the event who you are, why you’re white instead (and probably be called racist for portraying the character as a different ethnicity! I mean cmon, why do the trolls have SO much clout these days?

  4. Bro really?? People really have to turn everything into a race issue. Eventually people are going to stop paying attention to this completely and I honestly cannot wait for that day. People have to stop giving these retards megaphones and just ignore them. They are literally the problem turning everything into problems. They go around belittling people and thinking that she is needed to protect and speak for people as if they were beat dogs. They are the real racists.

  5. …The Japanese do not have the cultural and historical context of blackface. This is like accusing Hindus of being Nazis because they use swatiskas. Idiots. Come to think of it, many Japanese ARE dark-skinned anyway. As a people, they have varying skin shades. From their view, this would be like changing your hair color.

    • Yea you can’t fake tan, i you want a tan skin you’ll just have to go in the sun for hours and die young of skin cancer or you are racist, even if what you wanted to do has literally nothing to do with race 🤷🏽‍♀️
      For a more serious note that girl is japanese, japanese girls have light skin bc they avoid the sun like crazy and wear whitening makeup but if they don’t they have medium skintones

  6. I think it depends on the character you are cosplaying. If the character is black (or another race that is not your own), trying to match the skin tone is going too far. If they are just a beachy, tan white character, then I think a matching tan would be fine for the cosplay. Not sure what the case was for My Dress Up Darling.

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