Kitagawa Marin Becomes One Of The Best Anime Waifu! My Dress-up Darling

The new episode of My Dress-up Darling came out just a few days ago and once again it delivered an amazing episode. It gave us a nicer close look to inui sisters and little more step towards the relationship between Gojo and Kitagawa. With the release of latest episode fans are calling out Kitagawa Marin the best anime Waifu and we can’t deny that.

It’s clear now that Kitagawa Marin is the type of girl who would say, you want some pics? Here you go but not for everyone. It’s just crazy how aggressive she has become with Gojo but leaves just enough room for Gojo to respond to her feelings.

In the latest episode she went all out and asked Gojo if he wants some of her pics wearing Veronica cosplay. She was teasing him because just some moments ago Gojo told her that she have to do Veronica cosplay alone because it would reveal too much skin around chest part.

Kitagawa Marin respects Gojo’s boundaries. Like here with Veronica cosplay she didn’t push it “let’s do it common” she understands that he’s uncomfortable so she backs off.

Its funny that a lot of what Gojo is doing, is unintentionaly causing Marin to go crazy for him.

I love how she got little Jealous when Gojo had another girl in his room beside her alone. Also when Gojo told her, he couldn’t do her cosplay cause he would have to look at her chest for that. She understands him and also respect his feelings. Kitagawa Marin has everything that would make her one of the best anime Waifu out there.

What are your thoughts on the My Dress-up Darling anime and Kitagawa Marin begin one of the best anime Waifu, comment down. Follow us on Instagram for more updates.

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