Does Other Hashira Hate Giyu Tomioka? Demon Slayer: Kimitsu No Yaiba

We all know that the Hashiras of Demon Slayer Corps hates Water Hashira, Giyu Tomioka. I mean this is exactly what we all heard from Shinobu Kocho but is it really the truth? Does other Hashiras really hate Giyu Tomioka or this is just a phrase made-up by Shinobu? Read the complete article to know more in detail.

Talking about Tomioka Giyu, he is one of the strongest Hashiras out there but seems inferior due to his expressionless disposition.

We have seen him in action against Rui, who is is a demon affiliated with the Twelve Kizuki, holding the position of Lower Rank Five. Giyu actually got rid of Rui fairly easily given what a difficult time Tanjiro had fighting with him. Let’s just talk about his strength later and move on to our today’s topic.

Do other Hashiras really hate Giyu?

Giyu always has this expressionless way of behaving and never really reacts to anything. The reason behind is that went through a rough childhood. There’s a lot to talk about his backstory that would make sense but i don’t want to spoil it for you.

We haven’t really seen Giyu with any other Hashira than Shinobu, moreover fans even ship them. She was the one who said that “the other Hashira hate Giyuu” because she likes to tease him or rather I would say because Giyu went against Shinobu to save Tanjiro & his little sister.

However it’s not really the truth. Other Hashiras or may be majority of them don’t hate giyu. It just seems like that because Giyu likes to isolate himself from other Hashiras. Only Obanai and Sanemi hates him and there’s a solid reason for that.

Obanai is the type of person who opposes those who don’t follow the rules. Giyu broke the rule by going against Shinobu to save Nezuko (Demon). So Obanai asked him to die as a punishment for breaking rules of Demon Slayer Corps.

Talking about Sanemi, he seems like a guy who would hate everyone that don’t respect him. The reason he might hate Giyu is because of his expressionless personality, Sanemi could take it as ignorance.

So, Giyu Tomioka is not really hated by all other Hashiras except one or two. Comment down what do you think about his personality and also share this post with your friends. We post daily anime & manga news and review article so make sure to follow us on Instagram & Google news for fast updates.

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