What Exactly Happened After Gojo Saw Kitagawa Marin Swimsuit Photo!

My Dress-Up Darling new episode 9 is already out and something sus happened at the very starting. As the title of the new episode says “A Lot Happened After I Saw That Photo”, but what exactly happened? The answer to this is at the starting, when Kitagawa Marin asked Gojo about her swimsuit photo and he said “A lot happened after I saw that photo of yours”.

Let’s talk about that scene in detail. Episode 9 started with Gojo and Kitagawa arriving at Gojo’s house after doing the shoping for cosplay. Kitagawa Marin needed to put on a swimsuit for her new cosplay which she already had on.

As we all know Kitagawa, she doesn’t hesitate much around Gojo and this time she pulled her skirt up to show Gojo her swimsuit for the cosplay but this reveal caught Gojo off-guard and he ran towards the corner of room.

That was an expected reaction from Gojo but when Kitagawa asked him why didn’t he replied to her swimsuit photo, he simply said “A lot happened after i saw that photo”.

It’s is clear that our bro ended up beating his m3at looking at Kitagawa’s photo :D. He points at box of tissue in the foreground and you know what that means. Gojo finally becoming a man and now that’s character development. But yoo that’s just what we think, it doesn’t mean that he really jerked off haha.

It is easy to understand why My Dress-Up Darling anime is blowing up in the anime community. The show is filled with fun scenes and many life lessons.

It teaches us that we should not be ashamed of our hobbies. If we enjoy cosplay, anime, manga, games, or even making hina dolls. There is no need to be afraid to talk about what we enjoy with others.

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