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My Dress-up Darling: Real Life Marin Kitagawa By A Designer

Talking about Marin Kitagawa, she has a charming aura that could make everyone love her. She is one of the most famous anime Waifus but have you ever wondered how would Marin Kitagawa look like in real life? Well, wonder no more because there’s a designer who created real life pic of Marin Kitagawa.

There is an user in reddit “u/gabrielxdesign” who posted a real life version of Marin Kitagawa and Takagi-san. The post went viral in couple of hours and fans started re-sharing the real life pic of Kitagawa.

The designer also revealed about the software that they used to create the realistic picture. For Takagi-san, they used Photoshop and for Kitagawa Marin, they used Photoshop, PortraitPro and other programs.

Here is what Marin Kitagawa would look like if she was real:

The designer also shared one of their other artwork of Takagi-san from Takagi-san anime. And actually this one looks better than the real life pic of Marin Kitagawa. Have a look at it below:

Which one do you think looks better? Comment down and share your thoughts.

My Dress-up Darling anime aired from January to March 2022 and became one of the best anime of the year. It even surpassed Attack on Titan in many popularity charts. Not just the anime but one of its characters, Marin Kitagawa, was the most popular female anime character of this season. I’d say that she is the best and most popular anime Waifu right now.

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Source: Reddit

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