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My Dress-up Darling Anime S1 Ended With An Illustration From The Author

The anime that has been leading many anime ranking charts and was even able to surpass Attack on Titan in terms of popularity finally concluded its first season with the end of episode 12. With the end of My Dress-up Darling season one, the author shared a thank you illustration.

On March 26th, My Dress-up Darling aired the final episode of its first season and now fans are eagerly waiting for season two. The ending was wholesome and to celebrate the finish of season one, the author shared a thank you illustration. It has all the characters that played some role in season one.

Here is the illustration from the author of My Dress-up Darling:

The Illustration consists characters that played some role in season 1, that includes Kitagawa’s cosplays too. It basically covers every character that you can remember from season one who actually played some part.

Weekends were really great with the run of My Dress-up Darling, started from January 9th and ended on March 26th.

Gojo Wakana & Marin Kitagawa’s summer vacation is coming to an end and feelings of love are starting to become clear between the two of them in the season finale of My Dress-Up Darling!

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