Why Gojo Wakana From My Dress-up Darling Is One of The Best Boy In Anime

My Dress-Up Darling released it’s newest episode (Episode 9) few days ago and the episode was more into the character development of Shinju Inui. Apart from that there were many wholesome and surprising moments. Gojo Wakana is really out here changing people’s lives, no doubt he is one of the best boy in anime.

As you all know, My Dress-Up Darling dropped episode 9 yesterday and it had fans craving for more. Let’s talk about the episode real quick.

The episode starts with Gojo and Kitagawa arriving at Gojo’s home after shopping for cosplay. Many things happened after that and soon after finishing up the cosplay they all went to their studio location. But the weather has other plans, soon a heavy downpour starts and they had to cancel all their plans. While they were leaving the studio location, Gojo asked Shinju if she’s interested in doing cosplays. She replied Gojo that she would really like to do a cosplay of Soma (boy).

Gojo figured it out and helped Shinju to do cosplay of Soma-kun. He gave Shinju his school uniform which looked alike Soma-kun outfit. Not only he helped her arranging the outfit but adjusting it’s fit, her makeup and making her look exactly like Soma-kun.

I can’t express how happy Shinju was after watching her sister absolutely loving her cosplay. All thanks to Gojo Wakana, he is indeed out here changing people’s lives around him. First Kitagawa Marin then Inui and now Shinju, he helped them all. They all are slaying their cosplays! All thanks to Wakana Gojo!

Gojo Wakana And His life Till Now:

Wakana Gojo, an apprentice hina doll maker under his grandpa, is socially awkward and lacks confidence due to a childhood trauma where his friend condemned him as a weirdo because he’s a boy interested in dolls.

By chance he connects with popular girl Marin Kitagawa, an aspiring cosplayer. Working with Kitagawa to help her build her cosplays, Gojo slowly comes out of his shell and makes friends, starting to truly accept who he is and what he’s passionate about.

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