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Did Attack on Titan Really Appeared In Indian English CBSE Board Exam?

As you all know Attack on Titan is trending everywhere and it’s currently one of the best mainstream anime. The hype it created took it to the Indian English Board exam question paper. But does Attack on Titan really appear in Indian English Board exam? Let’s talk about it in this article.

The hype Attack on Titan created in the anime community is way beyond from a regular anime. Currently Attack on Titan is leading the anime industry and MAPPA studio is giving proper justice to the animation.

Recently a picture of an Indian English Board question paper is going viral on social media platforms. The Board exam question paper consisted of a comprehensive passage in which the story of Attack On Titan was used as a reference. This post came from @thisiseppy, an Instagram user, and many AOT fans started reposting it everywhere.

However there is no proper source of this image. According to the user, he posted a source of this question paper but had to delete it to avoid any legal issues.

If you check the comments on his (@thisiseppy) post, you will find many people asking for source. In reply to those comments he is simply saying that he is not allowed to share the name of school or the person who sent him this paper.

The question paper is real but one thing that doesn’t make sense is the origin of this question paper. Someone made a comment on his post 4 days ago saying, “Can confirm gave my boards today. Sadly fake“. In reply to this comment he said “the person said it’s from ICSE, if it’s fake. then that’s a lot of efforts coz getting that pathetic cheap Indian boards paper is extremely difficult“. And now he’s saying that this question paper is from CBSE board and he can’t disclose the school name.

However the user is claiming that this question paper is real and he can’t disclose the school name publically. We respect his decision but it would’ve been so much cool have it.

Imagine you are giving your exam and questions from anime appears there, it would be really fun. Comment down your thoughts and share this post with your friends. We post daily anime & manga news and reviews, so make sure to follow us on Google News & Instagram.

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