World’s First Dragon Ball Theme Park In Saudi Arabia!

So far in 2024, Dragon Ball fans have been having a rough time. With the sad news of Akira Toriyama, the creator of the series, passing away and the “Dragon Ball Super” manga being on hold indefinitely, things haven’t been looking up. But apart from that, there’s a glimmer of hope from Saudi Arabia – they’ve announced plans for the world’s first Dragon Ball theme park.

In a press release last Friday, the folks at Qiddiya Investment Company in Saudi Arabia talked about their upcoming project. They’re building the one and only Dragon Ball theme park as part of their huge “Qiddiya” project. They even dropped a cool trailer showing what the park will look like once it’s done.

The Dragon Ball theme park will be part of Qiddya Entertainment City in Riyadh, spreading across a massive 500,000 square meters. They’re planning seven different zones, each one based on famous spots from the show like Kame House and Capsule Corporation.

Among the 30+ attractions, they’re building a 70-meter-tall Shenron with a big roller coaster inside. And don’t worry about getting hungry or needing a place to crash, they’re setting up hotels and restaurants right in the park for fans to dive deep into the Dragon Ball world for a whole day.

At the park, you’ll get to tag along with Goku and the gang on all sorts of adventures, from the start of the anime to Dragon Ball Super. No word on when it’s opening yet, but fans worldwide will be keeping an eye out for when they can visit.

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