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Tokyo Ghoul Anime Remake Around the Corner with Registration of New Domain!

Tokyo Ghoul anime will be celebrating their 10th anniversary with a new “project” according to a recent web domain registration that was made.

Sui Ishida’s Tokyo Ghoul remains a standout seinen title from the past decade, capturing hearts with its dark narrative. However, Studio Pierrot’s anime adaptation fell short, leaving fans hoping for a remake. Now, it seems their wishes may finally be granted.

Recent reports from Japan indicate the establishment of a web domain for Tokyo Ghoul, coinciding with the anime’s upcoming 10th anniversary. While the domain name itself remains under wraps, it suggests exciting announcements for the franchise’s yearly celebration.

The possibility of a Tokyo Ghoul remake has reignited fan excitement, with hopes for a more faithful adaptation running high. Yet, fans are wisely tempering their expectations until official confirmation emerges from the production companies.

Despite the original anime’s critical acclaim upon its 2014 release, its sequel “Tokyo Ghoul √A” disappointed fans by straying from the source material. As the anime’s 10th anniversary approaches, fans eagerly anticipate the prospect of a remake that stays true to Ishida’s vision.

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