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Is It True That Oda Wants To End One Piece Manga In Three Years?

One Piece manga has been trending a quite bit lately on Twitter and there’s a solid reason behind that. The manga is fire no doubt but there’s something more than that. In the recent interview, Oda states that three years is indeed his goal to end one piece but is that really true? Follow along as this article to know.

When it comes to legendary anime or manga One Piece is always on the list. Started back in 1997, One Piece is still dominating the manga and anime scene and also a big inspiration for many mangaka. Fans love the series but Eiichiro Oda’s latest report of a three year deadline for manga has fans pondering the finale.

During the interview when Oda was asked about the longevity of One Piece, he answered “I shouldn’t really say this out loud, because so far I have been pretty off, but as of now it’s a three year end goal.”

However, in the same answer, he emphasise how many times he has given estimates on the series’ lifespan, only to be proven wrong on every occasion.

Here is what Eiichiro Oda said, “I’m not sure how many years it will take… I have answered this question so many times already I have lost credibility, so I don’t think I should answer”.

We don’t really know if One Piece manga will end in three or five years but it’s clear that it is approaching towards its end.

For those who wants to dig deep and read every statement from the interview between eiichiro oda & gosho aoyama, below is the transcription of the first and second of part.

first part
second part

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