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Black Clover Manga Returning With 1 Year Time Skip For Final Arc

The final arc of Black Clover is about to begin from Next month i.e August 1st and to prepare for the final arc, the creator of the series, Yuki Tabata took a break of three months. Now, three months are about to finish and fans are eagerly waiting for black Clover to continue the story.

Black Clover is returning on August 1st with chapter 332 and fans still can’t process the fact that beloved Wizard king Julius Novachrono is the fourth Zogratis Sibling.

So, according to the reliable source of manga community @shonenleaks, the new Black Clover chapter 332 is titled “A little over a year after the fierce battle. Asta and others are summoned!?” Moreover, the final Black Clover arc is titled as “Those who become the Strongest Wizard King”.

Additionally, the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump issue 34 is hinting at a little over one year time skip for the Black Clover manga series. That means our beloved characters gonna have some physical changes and increase in their powers.

Many new things are about to reveal with the release of Black Clover chapter 332 on August 1st. Fans are already can’t get over the fact that Wizard king is a traitor and with the addition of time skip it would be a superlative treat.

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