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Make Anime Drawing From Rough Sketch Using This Program

Program to Make anime drawing from rough sketch

Making Anime characters drawing was never been easy but with this help of this new program you can make anime character from your rough sketch.

There is a new program being developed by a Japanese Software engineering. It’s in development phase and working of this software is something we should focus on. This new program will let you create cute anime drawings from your rough sketches.

高 坂 (@t_takasaka) works in the software company where he makes 3D character production software called VRoid Studio. He recently posted a tweet about his new program that will be helpful for immature artists. He showed the working of this new program in his recent tweeted video.

In this tweet you can see rough drawing sketches being turned into cute anime girls in real time.

He explained that this program generates anime drawing from rough sketches in real time. You can also change the style, shadow, share, face orientation and many more things with the help of parameter sliders. There are 512 types of parameters, actually 8192 types when set in detail.

Software to make anime drawing using rough sketch

This program seems very promising and things are not finished here! The person who is working on this program also mentioned that, he is planning to combine it with the automatic generation of 3D models.

Imagine how much work needs to make a 3d character (just like V-tuber) which causes thousands of dollars to make. On the other hand if you want to learn 3d modeling, it will take months with serious dedication. However, this software could make life easy for a lot of people.

That was all about a new program that can make anime drawing from rough sketches but do you know about an app which which lets you create manga without drawing?

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