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Anime and Manga Industry Fighting Against Piracy Websites!

Japan Anime and Manga Industry Fighting Against Piracy Websites

Piracy is still giving a hard time to Anime & Manga industries. Which dealt a nearly $7 billion blow to the industry in Japan during the first 10 months of 2021. In response to that Japan’s content publishers are working with global counterparts to take down anime and manga piracy.

Streaming platforms like Funimation, Crunchyroll, etc and Publishers from over 10 countries including Japan and the United States planning on coming together to deal with piracy of anime and manga. They will create an organization to help with criminal investigations in the field.

Piracy is really a big problem for growing anime and manga industry. In Japan, piracy cost the manga industry alone roughly $6.95 billion in the January to October period. More than the entire market for authorized publications, estimated at $5.2 billion yearly.

The real reason piracy is growing more and more is because of lack of accessibility. Costing is not much of a problem here but lack of accessibility is definitely the problem. There are many countries with anime fans and they don’t have access to japan’s streaming sites or physical Manga. So they all end up using pirate sites to access manga or anime episodes.

Anime and Manga Industry Fighting Against Piracy Websites!

A New Organization To Take Down Pirated Anime and Manga Websites

Websites with pirated stuffs mostly use offshore servers, meaning law enforcement authorities need cooperation from international counterparts to advance their investigations.

The new organization will be launched in April under Japan’s Content Overseas Distribution Association. The main focus will be to take down all pirated sites. This organization will contain 32 Japanese companies including major publisher Kodansha. The Motion Picture Association of the U.S., which counts six members including Netflix, and the roughly 450-member Copyright Society of China also will join the framework. Overall, copyright protection groups from 13 countries including South Korea and Vietnam expected to participate

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