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Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation Finally Happening! Everything You Need To Know

Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation release date

Many Manhwa series have been adapted as anime series. Now it’s time for Solo Leveling and some news are already surfacing about Solo Leveling getting an anime adaptation.

Recently ‘Solo Leveling’ Manhwa ended with chapter 179 and fans arespeculating about an anime announcement and finally, this news will give them a sense of relief that their beloved manhwa is finally going to receive its own anime adaptation after a long struggle of 4 years.

Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation

There is a Chinese microblogging website known as Weibo. A very reliable user from Weibo confirmed that Solo Leveling is going to receive an anime announcement in the upcoming days. Many Twitter users as well claimed this fact to be true that Solo Leveling is finally getting an anime adaptation However, there still no official confirmation on the Solo Leveling anime.

Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation release date

Studio Mir will be mostly likely the in charge of the animation production of Solo Leveling if these rumors are true. They are South Korea animation studio and are best-known for animating popular TV shows such as The Legends of Korra and Dota: Dragon’s Blood.

D&C Webtoon also confirmed a Solo Leveling OST from the South Korean boy band, The Boyz. The OST will come out in February 2022, and here’s its first teaser:

Teaser of Solo Leveling OST also revealed

Let’s also do a quick description of Solo Leveling. Solo leveling is a South Korean manhwa that was serialized back in 2016. The manhwa releases officially in English on Tappytoon. It was originally a web novel by Chugong, in 2014, under the name Only I Level Up. The characters and everything was so perfect that it became popular with fans in really short period of time. D&C Media Kakao picked it up and began to publish in a manhwa format. That publication is now popular among fans as, Solo Leveling.

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