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Solo Leveling Anime Release Date Officially Announced With New Trailer!

The Anime Expo event just keeps on getting better and better with every announcement they are making and adding another one to the list, the worldwide dungeon-crawling phenomenon, Solo Leveling is getting an anime adaptation! The announcement was made during Anime Expo event and with that reveal, the Solo Leveling anime is all set to release on Crunchyroll in 2023, no set month as of now.

Just in: Crunchyroll announced at its Anime Expo industry panel few hours ago that the Solo Leveling manhwa is finally getting an anime adaptation, which will be released next year. Moreover, a trailer and new visual was also shared by the official Twitter handle of Solo Leveling.

Have a look at new visual revealed for Solo Leveling anime below:

Solo Leveling Anime New Trailer And Release Date

The rumours of Solo Leveling getting an anime adaptation has been circulating on the social media for a while now. And after a long time Solo Leveling finally released a new trailer and it looks very promising.

Talking about the release date, Solo Leveling anime release is officially scheduled for next year i.e. 2023. Crunchyroll officially confirmed that the anime will release on their platform next year. There is no mention of release month, we have to wait most probably till fall 2022 for more announcement about Solo Leveling release date.

  • Original Work: Solo Leveling by DUBU (REDICE Studio), Chugong, h-goon
  • Director: Shunsuke Nakashige
  • Head Writer: Noboru Kimura
  • Character Designer: Tomoko Sudo
  • Music: Hiroyuki Sawano
  • Animation Studio: A-1 Pictures

Message From The Author Of Solo Leveling

Chugong (the author of Solo Leveling) also shared a message with stage and fans on thr announcement day.

“About 6 years ago, when I was writing the beginning of” Solo Stageing “, someone told me,” It’s going to be a novel you wrote, a manga. ” I’m sure he said “Isn’t it a lie !?”. That’s what I’m talking about in the animation … I want to be relieved to see them moving as an animation. I will do my best while waiting for the day to come (laughs). “Chugong


In a world where hunters, humans who possess magical abilities, must battle deadly monsters to protect mankind from certain annihilation, a notoriously weak hunter named Sung Jinwoo finds himself in a seemingly endless struggle for survival.

One day, after narrowly surviving an overwhelmingly powerful dungeon that nearly wipes out his entire party, a mysterious program called the System chooses him as its sole player and in turn, gives him the extremely rare ability to level up in strength, possibly beyond any known limits. Follow Jinwoo’s journey as he fights against all kinds of enemies, both man and monster, to discover the secrets of the dungeons and the true source of his powers.

It’s not only the author but the entire anime community is excited for anime adaptation of Solo Leveling. Feel free to comment down and let us know what do you think. Also don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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