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Chainsaw Man Announcements At Anime Expo | No Censorship In Anime

Chainsaw Man is one of the anime that can easily climb up the popularity chart when it start airing. The hype it has is insane and it was easily noticable during Chainsaw Man panel at Anime Expo event yesterday. The CEO of Mappa & producer of CSM were there too, they even answered some of the question asked by fans.

Fans were expecting Chainsaw Man anime new trailer or release date but sadly none of them were revealed during the announcements by them. However, they did revealed some things about Chainsaw Man anime. We have covered them all, so keep following the article till the end.

Fans were really hyped up for Chainsaw Man panel and they went crazy to the levels that they started Barking for Makima.

Chainsaw Man Anime Exop Announcements:

The event started with the entry of Mappa CEO & the producer of Chainsaw Man. Fans were expecting a new trailer for Chainsaw Man anime but they played the old trailer because the team is really passionate about pleasing the fans so they have a high standard for themselves.

There were actually no big announcements regarding the Chainsaw Man anime. However, they did said to stay tuned for more CSM news at Crunchyroll expo.

Here are some questions answered by Mappa CEO & Producer of Chainsaw Man:

Q1: Favourite character of CSM producer?

Ans: It’s Denji because “he ralates to his needs”.

Q2: Was it difficult for staff to tranfer the wild pacing of the manga into the anime?

Ans: Keeping true to the original, we are trying to keep as closely to the original, we may add more time to some scenes that have more impact.

Q3: How will gore be handled in the anime?

Ans: First and foremost, we won’t be censoring anything. We want to be true to the source material. (no censorship in Chainsaw Man anime!)

Q4: When are we getting more info for Chainsaw Man?

Ans: The CEO said he really wanted to bring some news for us today, but he wants it to be perfect before they show it.

That was all that happened in Anime Exo and they said to stay tuned for more Chainsaw Man news at Crunchyroll expo on August 5-7.

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