Jungkook Goes Viral For Singing Chainsaw Man Opening! Says That’s His Favorite Anime

Chainsaw Man is one of the most anticipated anime out there & loved by all fans worldwide. Recently, the famous BTS member, Jungkook in a live session with his fans revealed that Chainsaw Man is his favorite anime, he even sang the opening of Chainsaw Man during the live.

Chainsaw Man anime has been a top topic lately because of its unique plot and the main goal of the protagonist, to which many fans can relate to.

So, a few days back the famous BTS member, Jungkook came live to have a talk with his fans. During the live session a question came up about what’s his favourite anime. To which, the famous singer replied that Chainsaw Man is his favourite anime and later on also sang its opening.

Here’s the clip of Jungkook singing Chainsaw Man anime opening:

Jungkook also went viral on Japanese twitter for singing “KICK BACK” by Kenshi Yonezu, the opening theme of Chainsaw Man!

The Japanese tweet has recieved 7.3M+ views with 1.4M views on video in just three days. Japanese locals & anime fans are praising JK calling him ‘a genius’.

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